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2021 Fellowship Induction

At our first-ever Awards Evening, during the ASA2021 Brisbane Hybrid Conference, the ASA inducted a special group of prominent members into our Fellows honour roll. To be considered for an ASA Fellowship, a member must have made an invaluable contribution not only to the ASA, but to the sonography profession at large. Fellowship is the highest grade of membership at the ASA as well as a significant professional achievement. A huge congratulations to these eight outstanding members:

  • Erika Cavanagh
  • Chris Edwards
  • Michelle Fenech
  • Jill Muirhead
  • Janet Mulholland
  • Donna Napier
  • Quanson Sirlyn
  • Samantha Ward

ASA Fellowship

In 2016 the ASA Fellowship program was established to recognise members whose outstanding level of sustained commitment has made a significant contribution to the sonography profession and the ASA. Fellowship is the highest grade of membership for professional associations. The titles of 'Fellow' and 'Associate Fellow' are conferred upon ASA Accredited Medical Sonographer Members who meet the entry requirements.

Associate Fellowship

Becoming an Associate Fellow of the ASA is recognition of a sonographer's achievement and service in the profession by the Australasian Sonographers Association. 

Awarded in recognition of professional excellence, an Associate Fellowship is held for the duration of membership with the ASA and entitles the member to use the post-nominal lettering 'AFASA'.

AFASA entry requirements

  1. To be conferred as an Associate Fellow of the ASA, an ASA Financial member must have a minimum of 40 Fellowship points
  2. Points achieved from at least one activity within the category ‘ASA Service’ and with one activity in two of the following categories – Education, Publications, Presentations, Awards, Leadership, or Other
  3. All points must have been accrued within 4 years preceding the application date for AFASA. Applications can be submitted at any time once the 40 points have been accumulated.

Fellowship applications and assessment

Applications can be submitted at any time once the 40 points have been accumulated. To apply for AFASA please login and use the form below.  If you have any issues navigating them form, please contact Member Services at memberservices@sonographers.org and the team can send you instructions.

2024      Michele Dowling
2024      Akram Mahmoud Asbeutah
2024      Matthew Adams
2024      Angela Farley
2024      Danielle Bowles
2024      Heath Edwards
2024      Michael Foster-Greenwood
2024      Randhir Sewgolam
2024      Andrew Bain
2023      Sheri Anne Rae
2023      Ian Schroen
2023      Deborah Carmody
2023      Deanne Chester
2023      Christine Thomson
2023      Janessa Baddeley
2023      Lisa McGuire
2023      Alison White
2023      Natalie Clements
2022      Julie Cahill
2022      Bridie Roche
2022      Caterina Watson
2020      Sonya Simpson
2019      Nicole Robertson
2018      Anna-Maria Galea
2018      Cara Miller
2018      Rob McGregor
2018      Francis Ryan
2018      Faye Temple
2017      Anna Graves
2017      Ling Lee
2017      Warren Lewis
2016      Louise Deshon
2016      Tony Forshaw,
2016      Diane Jackson
2016      Christopher Jansen
2016      Lynne Johnson
2016      Afrooz Najafzadeh
2016      Luke Platt


Becoming a Fellow is recognition of a member's significant contribution to the sonography profession and the ASA. Fellowship is recognised as a hallmark of a specialist of the highest professional standing. Fellowship status signifies someone who has contributed above and beyond and is operating at the peak of the sonography profession.

FASA entry requirements

  1. Successful application for Associate Fellowship (AFASA) above
  2. To be conferred a Fellow of the ASA, a minimum of 120 Fellowship points within at least 3 categories, with points achieved from at least one activity within the category ‘ASA Service’ and with one activity in two of the following categories ‘Education, Publications, Presentations, Awards, Leadership-Other A minimum of 80 points must be for ASA-specific activities; supporting evidence for all non-ASA related activities must be included with all applications.
  3. The 120 points are to be accrued over a 4-year period prior to the date of the application AND after having been awarded an Associate Fellowship of the ASA (AFASA).

All achievements must be dated after you have been awarded an Associate Fellowship of the ASA.

Fellowship applications and assessment

To apply for FASA please login and use the form below. If you have any issues with navigating the form please contact the Member Services team at memberservices@sonographers.org and they can send you instructions. 

Fellowship and Associate Fellowship applications are received all year round. There is an application fee of $250 (GST inclusive) per application. This is a one-off charge.

2024      Robyn Boman
2024      Ilona Lavender
2024      Daniel Rae
2023      Gaorui Liu
2023      Donna Oomens
2023      Gregory O'Connor
2023      Sumi Shrestha Taylor
2022      Jacqueline Spurway
2022      Ann Quinton
2022      Debbie Slade
2022      Alison Deslandes
2022      Jennifer Alphonse
2021      Paula Kinnane 
2021      Brooke Osborne
2021      Christopher Gilmore
2021      Samantha Ward 
2021      Quanson Sirlyn
2021      Michelle Fenech
2020      Jill Muirhead
2020      Chris Edwards
2019      Erika Cavanagh
2019      Janet Mulholland
2019      Cain Brockley
2019      Natalie Edwards
2019      Le-Anne Grimshaw
2019      Donna Napier
2019      Tony Parmiter
2019      Lino Piotto
2019      Catherine Robinson
2019      Jacqui Robinson
2019      Louise Worley
2018      Bonita Anderson
2018      Jessie Childs
2018      Peter Coombs
2018      Carolynne Cormack
2018      Lisa Hackett
2018      Allison Holley
2018      Greg Lammers
2018      Sandhya Maranna
2018      Glenda McLean
2018      Frauke Lever
2018      Sandra O'Hara
2018      Nayana Parange
2018      Jenny Parkes
2018      Rebecca Perry
2018      Tristan Reddan
2018      Tracey Hanchard

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