Relix has launched a collection of throwback stickers inspired by vintage Relix and Grateful Dead imagery. The unique designs are available on the Relix Marketplace and are the perfect accessory for any cooler, car, laptop or water bottle.

The old-school designs pay homage to the original imagery that once appeared in the pages of Relix. Amongst the sticker styles are “Shake Yer Bones,” a reproduction of Steve Johannsen’s 1986 original artwork, and Relix artist Gary Kroman’s seminal 1988 classic “Aiko Aiko.” Additional designs include 1981’s “I’d Rather Be At a Dead Concert,” which is available in holographic and a flat color design.  Stickers Printing Services

Relix Launches Throwback Sticker Collection

Moreover, the imagery has been revamped and replicated on an assortment of merchandise, including Grateful Dead-inspired flying discs featuring the classic “Smile Smile Smile” text and skull imagery which reference the beloved Robert Hunter penned lyrics to the Grateful Dead’s 1972 staple “He’s Gone.” The “Smile Smile Smile” design is also available in long lasting sticker form. 

Apart from stickers and flying discs, the throwback designs are also available in magnet form and are the perfect addition to any music lover’s refrigerator and freezer doors. Magnets are available in designs such as “Smile Smile Smile” and “I’d Rather Be At a Dead Concert.” Furthermore, fans of the magazine can also purchase a magnet featuring the classic Relix logo. 

All stickers are made of durable and waterproof vinyl, providing extended longevity and resilience to weather, making them an ideal choice for fans of live music and the Grateful Dead.

“We’ve worked closely with Relix founder Les Kippel to curate a selection of vintage artwork from the early pages of Relix Magazine that represent our shared history with the Grateful Dead,” offered Harrison Ezratty, Marketing Manager at Relix, in reference to the latest throwback collection.

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To purchase Relix’s throwback stickers and more, visit the Relix Marketplace.

Check out an assortment of sticker styles below.

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Relix Launches Throwback Sticker Collection

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