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I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t hate wiring cars, but it is a real job and takes a lot of time regardless of what your vehicle is. Unfortunately, a ton of people seem to think that cheaping out on a wiring harness is the best way to go, and I’m often confused on why. With big name brands making awesome products, that only cost a few dollars more, I don’t see how saving $20-$100 makes sense when your time and mental health are worth something. DD Speed Shop just found this out the hard way after successfully using cheap harnesses before, this time it bit him. Car Window Cover  DD Speed Shop FAIL! CHEAPEST Wiring Harness On AMAZON - DON'T Buy This Junk! -

Make no mistake, I understand trying to save money, but this isn’t one of those things to save it on. Watch and see why.

It’s everyone’s favorite automotive task…. WIRING!

We have done a lot to our 1957 Chevy Bel Air. The car is basically ready to hit the road (if the snow ever melts). One of the most overlooked systems on any old car is the wiring.

Years of other people cutting, adding, and splicing into the harness is never a good thing. I’ve seen to many nice old cars end up in flames due to poor wiring.

Typically I buy cheap knock-off wiring harnesses from Amazon. They are lower quality but I have had good luck in the past. This time, my luck ran out. This 12-circuit harness had miss labeled wires though out the whole mess of wires. Left was right and right was left. It was extremely frustrating!

Best of luck to ya if you decide to go with a cheap, knock-off harness on your hotrod.  DD Speed Shop FAIL! CHEAPEST Wiring Harness On AMAZON - DON'T Buy This Junk! -

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