Rembrandt's "Night Watch" can now be viewed

Scholars and art lovers can see Rembrandt's The Night Watch in great detail thanks to a high-tech photo.Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum published the most detailed photo yet of the masterpiece by Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) on its website on Monday."It is the largest and most detailed photograph ever taken of a work of art," the museum said.The image has a size of 717 gigapixels.

According to the museum, 8,430 individual photos were taken of the painting using specially developed technology and software, each measuring 5.5 centimeters by 4.1 centimeters."These were assembled into one large image with the help of artificial intelligence," the museum said.The photo is part of the largest research and restoration program to date, "Operation Night Watch".Rembrandt completed the picture of the Amsterdam Civil Guard in 1642.It is about 380 centimeters high and 453 centimeters wide. Cadmium Yellow Orange


The extremely high resolution photo is primarily intended to help art historians and restorers."We can now see every pigment in every little crack," Katrien Keune, scientific director of the Rijksmuseum, told radio station NOS.It is also the basis for future restorations."It's a very nice detailed snapshot that we can use over the long term to see how things are changing."

The restoration is to begin in the exhibition hall in front of the public on January 19th.However, the museum, with its world-famous collection of 17th-century Dutch masterpieces, is temporarily closed until January 15 due to the lockdown.

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